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 +====== How to Enable Dell Mini 9 Radio ======
 +Your wireless radio is off can be due to two things:
 +** 1) Wireless has been disabled by the Dell wireless app. **
 +Use the Dell wireless app switch which runs in Windows OS. So you can use the Fn+2 to enable wireless again. (If you need to reinstall it its found on the Drivers and Utils CD)
 +** 2) You upgraded your Bios and its now stuffed up your radio. **
 +You need to flash your Bios with a compatible version. I found flashing to Firmware A04 gets the radio enabled again. (I did tried A01 and A05 and both no dice)
 +I found a tool to flash your Dell Mini 9 Bios. You need a USB stick.
 +Download http://​​dls/​flashBIOSv1.51.exe
 +Run the program and it will prep a USB stick to make it bootable with the Bios flashing tools.
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