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 +XAMPP for Mac does come with PEAR but it is NOT configured.
 +**Update PEAR**
 +  sudo su
 +  cd /​Applications/​xampp/​xamppfiles/​lib/​php/​pear
 +  /​Applications/​XAMPP/​xamppfiles/​bin/​php pearcmd.php channel-update
 +  /​Applications/​XAMPP/​xamppfiles/​bin/​php pearcmd.php install PEAR
 +  /​Applications/​XAMPP/​xamppfiles/​bin/​php pearcmd.php install Log
 +  /​Applications/​XAMPP/​xamppfiles/​bin/​php pearcmd.php list
 +**add PEAR to the php.ini include_path**
 +Edit /​Applications/​XAMPP/​etc/​php.ini (include path is at the very end of the php.ini file)
 +   ​include_path="​.:/​Applications/​XAMPP/​xamppfiles/​lib/​php/​pear"​
 +**To install a package**
 +   sudo su
 +   cd /​Applications/​XAMPP/​xamppfiles/​lib/​php/​pear
 +   /​Applications/​XAMPP/​xamppfiles/​bin/​pear install pear/​PACKAGE_NAME
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