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Configuring Sonicwall PRO 4060 for Multiple WAN IP's

Sonicwall PRO 4060 SonicOS Enchanced 3.5.x

On the Sonicwall you can assign more than a single IP addresss to a WAN Interface using 1-2-1 NAT policies.


You have IP Address Block is /

Primary WAN interface (X1) is already assigned to

Just say you wish to map another public ip address lets say to an internal server then you need to configure a few NAT Policies.

Well its as easy as using the Public Server Wizard in Firewall Access Rules.

Just follow the wizard to enter what services, private server ip and the public ip address.

It will create:

  • 2 address objects - private ip address and public ip address
  • 3 nat policies - 3 rules to nat traffic
  • 1 firewall access rule - allow access to public ip
  • 1 service object - services you assigned
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